For Media Inquiries:  contact Bond Technologies Inc. at (574) 327-6730

For more than a decade, the Bond Technologies team has been supplying FSW systems and serving customers throughout the world.  Our designers have more than 80 years combined experience in the design and construction of FSW systems.

Our team is always happy to discuss this ever-evolving technology and the role Bond Technologies is privileged to play in advancing FSW technology for every industry.

Today, Bond Technologies is a world leader in supplying:

  • FSW machines, and related tools, for welding steels and high temperature alloys
  • Production multi-axis FSW systems for complex contour FSW
  • Integrated high-speed data acquisition for quality assurance and control
  • Using rugged mechanical design techniques, advanced controls and a deep understanding of the FSW process, Bond supports companies worldwide in research and production environments.

Bond Technologies in the News

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